English version : Le Journal du Sommelier – Cider

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The book dedicated to ciders from all over the world in English, a real concentrate of cider knowledge: history of the apple, cider making, quality cider makers, incredible cocktails and haute-gastronomy around cider!


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A book dedicated to ciders from around the world!

Cider is back in the spotlight and amazes us with its diversity! A new trend that, as sommeliers, has aroused our curiosity.
In order to have a precise picture of today’s cider, we went to meet its actors: producers, specialized journalists, researchers, historians, gastronomy professionals… and bottles of cider to die for!

These exchanges allowed us to create probably the most complete book on the world of cider today. Hold on to your hats, we’re taking you on a real trip to the heart of the cider-making effervescence!

The book, initially writen in French, is being carefully translated, proofread and slightly adapted to English by native (american) english-speakers, professional translators. As such, by ordering this item, you’ll receive the book in English.

Discover in this 320 pages book:

  • the origins of the apple and cider,
  • the different methods of making cider,
  • meetings with cider makers from all over the world,
  • chefs who love cider and their incredible gastronomic combinations,
  • recipes for tailor-made cocktails, as sexy as they are delicious!


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Le Journal du Sommelier, a concept !

Le Journal du Sommelier is a series of collector’s books dedicated to the world of sommellerie! In each edition, the little female sommelier explores a theme in depth: we want each issue to be an essential bible for lovers of liquid pleasures. Twice a year, a new theme is added to the collection: vineyards, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks… everything is covered, with humor and relaxation.


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