Collection of books
on the drinks of the world

#2 The Swiss vineyard
At the summit of swiss wines

Our book on the Swiss vineyard and its incredible diversity of terroirs and grape varieties.

You will discover the Swiss wine regions, unique grape varieties, food and wine pairings from around the world and 100% Swiss cocktails!

Currently available only in French and German.

Cover des Journal du Sommelier des Buches über das Schweizer Weinbaugebiet und die Schweizer Weine
Une du Journal du Sommelier édition sur le cidre

#1 Cider
In the heart of the cider-making effervescence

A reference book on ciders and cider makers around the world.

More than 300 pages to discover the history and development of ciders and perries, an unbeatable selection of producers, cocktails, and haute cuisine pairings.

Currently available only in French and English.

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