A reference book on Swiss vineyards and wines

Discover the secrets of the Swiss vineyard: its history, its soils, its grape varieties, its winegrowers… a unique richness and singularity! A vineyard as complex as it is fascinating.

Available in German and French.

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Swiss history of vine and wine

From the first pages of the book, you will discover the history of the Swiss vineyard, from the dawn of time to the present day. What are the major historical events that have shaped the Swiss vineyard? How has each wine region of the country created its identity over the years?

The geology of the Swiss vineyards

The uniqueness and diversity of the Swiss vineyards is undoubtedly its soil. At the crossroads of the Alps, the Jura and the Black Forest, the country is full of contrast. Ancient sea, glaciers and plate tectonics have quietly shaped the country’s soils over the millennia. To understand the Swiss soils is to better understand its vineyards.

More than 250 grape varieties, a playground for sommeliers and the curious!

Such an ampelographic diversity on a surface of only 15’000 ha is unique in the world. A good reason to devote a chapter of the book to it. You will discover the native and international grape varieties that make up the great wealth of Swiss vineyards. A real playground for sommeliers!

Tour of Swiss terroirs and food and wine pairing

We take you from one wine region to another to discover their particularities. Each canton and region has a strong culture, shaping a unique wine culture.

Restaurateurs from Switzerland and abroad put their talents to work to present incredible gastronomic combinations and gourmet pairings with Swiss wines.

Tailor-made Swiss cocktails

Brandies, aniseed-flavored drinks, tonics, ciders, verjuice… Switzerland produces many drinks that also deserve a place in the book! Mixologists from all over the world will use their creativity to elaborate their Swiss cocktail.

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