Books for epicureans and sommeliers

We make the Journal du Sommelier for people like us: sommeliers, wine lovers, wine geography, beer, cider, sake, tea, coffee… for epicureans, lovers of the terroir in bottles, those who open their liquid horizons and those who want to learn about good drinking. In short, sommeliers, even those who don’t know they are sommeliers!

Regularly, it is a new book and a new universe that the little sommelier will explore thoroughly. We publish complete books, presenting each theme in a detailed way, while keeping a playful tone and accessible to all.

Fun, humor and completeness

Dare we say it, we want each edition of the Journal du Sommelier to be an educational work, where graphics, humor and specialized content are harmoniously intertwined. The pleasure of the eyes is not an option, neither is exhaustiveness! Each book is unique but we try to keep a similar structure for our subscribers:

  • understand the drink or the land, with its history, its particularities and its reading grids,
  • an exhaustive tour of the best producers, that we will have met, and of qualitative products, without compromise,
  • unusual tastings, with verticals (tasting of old vintages), rarities and improbable variations,
  • a tour through gastronomy and pairings imagined by sommelier-chef duos from around the world,
  • finally, the mixologists have the beautiful part with cocktails created to measure for you.

Books in the digital age, seriously?

We like the idea that “words fly away, writings stay”. A book can be put down, picked up, lent, and waited for on a bedside table, a cozy blanket, a garden table, even in the toilet. It doesn’t disappear in a 404 page! For some it is also a tool for disconnection. A stimulator of the senses: texture of the cover, sound of the turning pages, smell of the paper, colors of the illustrations.

It is a work to be appropriated, a sum of ideas, an act of sharing. We love the book, and we think you do too.

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If you’re here, you can see that we love digital too! Although most of our time is spent on upcoming books, we share video vignettes, podcasts, articles on our Blog as soon as possible.

We try to create a link between physical book and online content, so our books are dotted with QR-codes to scan to continue learning on our site! Connected or not, it’s your choice!

Quality content, without compromise

Our books are unique creations, worlds recreated with each new theme. Without compromise, each book is the reflection of our choices and our selections of products that really speak to us.

We are 100% self-published, we manage all the creation steps, the logistics and a large part of the sales on our store. We are a bit like epicurean artisans.